Malé City Council is the local government body responsible for the governance of the city of Malé.


The city is divided into 13 political wards  each with one councilor. The current councilors elected in the country’s third local council elections in 2017.


N Councilors Photo 2




Ward Code Name Elected Party
Galolhu-Uthuru T05 Sifa Mohamed 2017 MDP


Ward Code Name Elected Party
Maafannu-Hulhangu T10 Shamau Shareef 2017 MDP



Ward Code Name Elected Party
Hulhu-Henveiru T01 Adam Shareef 2017 MDP
Medhu-Henveiru T02 Ahmed Niyaz 2017 MDP
Henveiru-Dhekunu T03 Ibrahim Manik 2017 MDP
Henveiru-Uthuru T04 Mohamed Fishavin Saleem  2017 DRP
Galolhu-Dhekunu T06 Shaheen Mahumoodh  2017 MDP
Machchangolhi-Uthuru T07 Mohamed Rasheed 2017 MDP
Machchangolhi-Dhekunu T08 Ahmed Xamyr 2017 MDP
Maafannu-Uthuru T09 Mohamed Fazeen 2017 MDP
Maafannu-Medhu T11 Azra Moosa 2017 MDP
Maafannu-Dhekunu T12 Hussain Shareef 2017 MDP
Vili-Maafannu T13 Hamna Waheed 2017 MDP